jeudi 1 décembre 2011

First Holiday Tutorial

Hi beauties!
Today I'm back with the first tutorial of a set of 4. Each Thursday I will post a tutorial inspired by Holiday.
This first tutorial will be on the manicure I did for the day of my 15 week Challenge: Red nails.

You were many to tell me that was beautiful and perfect for Holidays, this is where I had this idea. Hope you like it!

There's what you'll need:
Base coat (Nutra Nail, Nail Hardener with green tea),
Red polish (ELF, Red Velvet),
Black polish with a thin brush (Jordana Pop Art, Black Mark),
Gold Glitter (Imitation of LA colors, Gold Glitter)
and a Top Coat (Sally Hansen, Insta-Dri).

First start by apply your base coat. After apply one or two coats of your red polish.

With your black thin brush polish make diagonals lines.
If you put some polish on your finger, don't worry, you can put it off with some remover or it will come of when you'll take a shower.

Now do the same step but with diagonals lines in the other side.

After it dries, Take your gold glitter and make dots where the black lines cross.

Now apply your top coat and you're done! 
Enjoy compliments :) 

xoxo Josianne
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7 commentaires:

Mybe a dit...

Je te le dirais jamais assez : T'es une pro!! :P

Cotton Candy a dit...

cute ^o^

Hélène a dit...

C'est super car on peut voir pas à pas le nail art, parfois pas évident de reproduire. Surtout refais en d'autres !
Bises !

Toka a dit...

Great Job

Nicolka Mikaze a dit...

Vraiment parfait pour le temps des fêtes! :)

Hypnotiz3_m3 a dit...

très beau =)

Siimply Alexx a dit...

oh mon dieu c'est tellement beau! je serais jamais capable... good job! :)

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