jeudi 10 novembre 2011

15 week Challenge; Week 1 part 1: Red Nails

Hi beauties! Like I promised yesterday, here it is the first part of week one of my 15 week Challenge! This part has for theme "Red Nails". From my little collection of polishes, I choose Red Velvet from ELF. I think the name said all! Soon as I put it on my nails, I was thinking about a pad chair like a Kings chair! And it's what I tried to do on my nails. There's my inspiration and the result:

w/ flash

No flash

What you think of this design?
I think I will have fun to do this challenge! :)

xoxo Josianne
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6 commentaires:

Anik a dit...

encore une fois... j'adore :)


MC a dit...

Its so cool! :)

Anonyme a dit...

c'est tres beau bravo une vrai artiste parfait pour les fetes .

JosianneL1507 a dit...

@Anik: Merci :)

@MC: Thanks :)

@Beauty combat: Merci beaucoup:) Oui, parfait pour les fête :) Rouge et doré!

maude-amélie a dit...

Wow :)
Ça fait tellement Noël, c'est comme si partout où tu vas, t'apportes Noël avec toi :D

Comme3Pommes a dit...

Love, Love, Love. What a clever idea!!!
Looks great :)

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