lundi 28 novembre 2011

My dog got her babies!

Hi beauties! Today I'm back after a break week to show you the reason of my absence on the blogosphere; my dog, Cathou got her babies. Four little puppies! They are so cute! See yourself:

Cathou 1 week before the delivery 

 The 4 puppies

How cute they are?! It will be difficult to give them when it will be the time!

xoxo Josianne

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6 commentaires:

Mybe a dit...

Awwww Sont trop cute!! :)

Anik a dit...

honn c cute :)

Anonyme a dit...

Awww :') x

Nicolka Mikaze a dit...

Oooonnnh! Ils sont trop mignons! :)

Sanya a dit...

Hooonnnn bébés chiens!

♥♥ a dit...

omg, this is soooo darling! my heart melts..... :)

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