lundi 14 novembre 2011

15 week Challenge; Week 1 part 2: Glitter

Hi beauties :) Today I'm back to told you that I'll skip this second part of week 1. Let me explain you: I do beautiful glitter nails with little dog/cat trail paws. BUT, before they dry and I can take them in picture, I catch them everywhere! This make me angry and I haven't enough courage to do it all again because it's glitter! So I don't have picture of my glitter nails to show you but I have a picture of a glitter nails polishes that I love!

Two coats of Rockstar Pink - Sally Hanse Xtreme Wear

So the next part of the challenge is week two, part one, orange nails. Tomorrow or Wednesday!

xoxo Josianne
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3 commentaires:

G A B Y a dit...

Ahhh j'aurais aimé voir ça, c'est dont bin plate, je déteste quand ça fait ça! J'aime bien Rockstar Pink par contre, surtout par-dessus un vernis foncé (:

Mybe a dit...

Cute! :)

Nicolka Mikaze a dit...

C'est joli! :)

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