jeudi 15 décembre 2011

Third Holiday Tutorial: Christmas Ornaments!

Hi beauties :) Today I'm back with the third tutorial. After this one, it will last only one. I'm so excited to present the next one! Here what's the tutorial of today looks like:
The first time I did it!

I want to tell you that when I'll hit 50 followers on my blog, I will be host a little giveaway and I will also prepare a surprise for you! So talk about my blog on Twitter, Facebook and on your blog :)

So, let's go to the tutorial!

What you'll need:
Base coat (Nutra Nail Bullet-Proof Strenght) and
Top coat (Revlon Quick Dry Top Coat)

Some nails polish in different colours for your Christmas ornaments
(Apple Bottom in Red Delicious, Gold Mine and Club Queen. Wet'n'Wild Fast Dry in SaGreena the Teenage Witch ans ACO in Disco Queen)

Some nail art polish (white, Silver glitter, Gold glitter, Red with glitter and Green glitter).
And a Dark grey (Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear in Gunmetal)

A small dotting tool or a tooth pick.

First, apply your base coat. After, create a round shape on the half of your nail.
Sorry for my cuticles! GRRR!

With your dotting tool or tooth pick and your dark grey polish do three dot on the top of the round. On the top of this three dot, draw a rectangle. And on the top of this rectangle draw a ring. I know this is a lil bit difficult!

Draw some decoration on the Christmas ornament. I do some straight lines and curves lines.

Add your top coat and you're done! Hope you like it!

xoxo Josianne
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7 commentaires:

Sanya a dit...


Mybe a dit...

C'est beau! Et j'ai hate a noel!!!

Anonyme a dit...

Vraiment joli!!!
Pour la pub, je voulais te faire une surprise, mais je suis nulle pour garder le secret,lol, lundi prochain tu seras mon Monday Blog Love :)
J'aime beaucoup ton blog et je te trouve très sympatique, alors ça va de sois.
Juste une chose, je ne sais pas si on dit christmas balls? je crois que c'est plutôt des «ornaments».
Bonne journée :)

JosianneL1507 a dit...

@Ptitemeve Wow merci beauuucouuuup <3 Ça me touche vraiment! Woww!
Et merci pour l’erreur! Google traduction c'est pas bon pour tout :P

★☆AdamAlexMommy☆★ a dit...

Lovely, Josiane! ;)

★☆AdamAlexMommy☆★ a dit...

Love it so much! Very festive, Josiane. ;)

JosianneL1507 a dit...

@AdamAlexMommy Thank you so much :)

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