mardi 20 décembre 2011

Last holiday tutorial part 2

Hi beauties!
Today, second part of the last tutorial. The thumb nail is the Santa's coat. With this nail, you'll have a BIG clue on what the nail of tomorrow will be! So let's see how to do the thumb nail!

What you'll need:
Base coat and top coat (see the first part for details)

Red polish, White polish (or white stripper), Black stripper, Silver glitter stripper

Apply your base coat and one or two coats of your red polish.

Do a line on the middle of your nails.
(If you want you can make some dots each side of the line to do as it were fur.)

Now, do a black line to do the belt.
Last step, make a rectangle with the silver glitter to do the buckle of the belt.
Apply your top coat to seal the design and you're done!

Guess what design it will be tomorrow? :)

xoxo Josianne
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4 commentaires:

Anonyme a dit...

Nice! Vraimnt beau :)

CatherineM. a dit...

Tellement cute :)

Anonyme a dit...

alors là hier je ne m'attendait vraiment pas à ca c'est original et tres beau quelle exellente idée encore bravo .

zazanyssa a dit...

merci pour la suite du tutoriel ;)

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