lundi 24 octobre 2011

Review: Wet'n'Wild Color Icon Eyeshadow Collection in Petal Pusher (736)

Hi guys! Today I'm back with a little review on a product that I'm in love with; the palette of 8 eye shadow of Wet'n'Wild in Petal Pusher (736). This palette is principally compose of mauve, purple and pink eye shadow.

For my very dark (almost black) brown eyes, I think purple is a color that compliment my eyes very well.
The color of this palette are very pigmented and not too powdery. I'm liking particularly the right browbone color and the left eyelid, crease and definer colors. This 4 color together create a beautiful look! Let's see the swatchs!

*The base is simply a white base (NYX jumbo eye pencil in milk)

Browbone colors:
Left: This eye shadow is a white with pink shimmer. Perfect for highlight on the browbone like his name said.
Right: It's a bright pink. I like use it in the iner corner.

Eyelid colors:
Left: This color is a kind of matte lilac. Gorgeous!
Right: A burgendy with gold shimmer.

Crease colors:
Left: Beautiful purple with blue undertone.
Right: Black with fushia shimmer. This color make me think of Facets of Fushia of Revlon!

Definer colors:
Left: GORGEOUS purplish blue with silver blue shimmer. LOVE this color!
Right: Simply a black with silver shimmer.

You can buy Wet'n'Wild products in all Walmart and most of drugstore. This palette cost me less than 5$ at my Walmart. There are 2 others colors, one with green and brown, and the other with blue.

In brief, I love this palette and Wet'n'Wild products in general!

Hope you like it!

xoxo Josianne
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4 commentaires:

G A B Y a dit...

J'aime beaucoup la rangée de droite mais pas tant la gauche. Je suis très tentée mais AHHHHH J'ai tellement d'ombres à paupières déjà, et j'utilise tout le temps les mêmes ahah!

Sanya a dit...

Il faudrait bien que je les essaie ces fameuses ombres!

JosianneL1507 a dit...

@Gaby haha :) Mais WnW ne teste pas sur les animaux et font de très bons produits :) Mais j'avoue que moi aussi je finis toujours par utilisé les mêmes!

@Sanya tu devrais vraiment :)

♥♥ a dit...

your blog is so inspiring! love you nail art... and i am sooo impressed! new follower, and hope to visit again. hope to definitely stay connected with your blog. cheers! :)

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