mardi 18 octobre 2011

My favorite fall nails polishes

Hi guys!

Today I'm back to present you my favorite nails polishes for fall. Like I said in my presentation post, I'm kind of obsessed with nails polishes and I want to share with you my passion! So let's see this!

First, I use a kind of cuticule oil that supposed to help nails to grow from Nutra Nail. I think it works for me, my nails grow faster since I use this. And I have less cuticules.
To have beautiful nails too, I always use a base coat with a strengh formula. The one I'm loving right now is also from Nutra Nail but it have Kevlar fiber. Kevlar is use for bullet proof vests. It works very well.

Second, after the cares, let's talk about colors. This fall, dark colors and metalics are very in. Here is my favorites:

From Revlon:
Hot for Chocolate (903): A very dark chocolate brown.
Gold Coin (925): Metalic gold with silver glitter.
Autumn Berry (480): A gorgeous redish raspberry with gold glitter.
Raisin Rage (551): Like the name says, it's a beautiful grape color.

(click on the picture to enlarge)
From Sally Hansen Hard as Nails Xtreme wear:
Wet Cement (460): A medium grey. Very simple!
Gunmetal (310): A dark grey with blue undertones and small silver glitter.
Flirt (210): A verry dark raspberry color with purple undertones.
Deep Purple (170): I think the name says all!

From Rimmel London Lasting Finish Pro:
Steel Grey (270): A purple grey taupe color, definitily my favorite color! It's THE polish that everyone must have!
Gold Silk (260): A very sheer pinkish gold. Very nude, perfect just for add a lil'bit of shine on the nail.

That's what complete my favorite fall nails polishes! I leave you with the photo of my nails of the day!

Perfect fall nails! With Steel Grey in color base!

Hope you like! Don't hesitate to leave me some comments, I LOVE read you :)

xoxo Josianne

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11 commentaires:

P'tite Madame a dit...

J'aime beaucoup les vernis Revlon moi aussi. Ils tiennent bien, ne sont pas chers (souvent en solde) et les couleurs sont vraiment jolies. Quant à tes ongles du jour, c'est un vrai travail d'artiste!

Cotton Candy a dit...

I have Rimmel Gold silk too very warm and rose gold which i adore :) thanks for visiting my blog:)


Anik a dit...

j'adore tes couleurs :) mes vernis préférés sont ceux de rimmel, moi aussi j'ai le steel grey, j'adore aussi ceux de sally hansen.

et j'adore tes ongles, tu fais toujours quelque chose de beau avec tes ongles.

merci pour ton commentaire.

es-ce normal que que je vais sur ton blog la page ouvre toujours à la fin de la page?

JosianneL1507 a dit...

@Anik Je sais ça me fait ça aussi, je comprend pas pourquoi, je vais aller voir dans les options!

G A B Y a dit...

Steel Grey est vraiment superbe et j'adore tes ongles, très originaux et super beaux!

Je suis toujours à la recherche DU vernis métallique avec un vrai fini "foil"!

Toka a dit...

Oh My goodness, that's freaking gorgeous.
Great Job.

JosianneL1507 a dit...

@Gaby Oui!! Steel Grey, c'est l'amour de ma vie!!! Et merciii :D
Pour le vernis or, j'en avais déjà vu un de Sally Hansen, mais ça fait des années et il doit être discontinuer :(

@Toka Thank you :) You're so sweet <3

TheMissTwist a dit...

wow that is really awesome! I can't wait to see more! <3 :-)

Anonyme a dit...

J'adore the Revlon polishes! I'm not too good at French, sorry! I think its great that you're blogging in English :) x

Nicolka Mikaze a dit...

Wow j'aime vraiment tes ongles automnals! :)

Jacki a dit...

I love the trees!

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